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By admin
June 18, 2021

The new Itamae

Hello there! The primary goal of this training is to learn how to make basic sushi in our home kitchens. Therefore, this course is a method that will make making sushi more enjoyable and easy; He carefully presented many points such as the subtleties of preparing sushi rice, critical moments to be considered, step by step, using the most basic expression language and methods. In addition, based on my own experience, I have included all kinds of detail points in the course content against the difficulties or setbacks that you may encounter during the production process, so there is content that will be beneficial for people who have knowledge about sushi. Tips in the lessons and helpful written resources will be your savior. I will frequently check my inbox for any question you may have or want to ask.
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ALL IN ONE SUSHI MAKING KIT - This sushi bazooka kit provides everything you need for the complete sushi-making experience. Package include Sushi Bazooka, Bamboo Mat, Paddle, Spreader, Knife, Bamboo Chopsticks, Chopsticks Holder, Avocado Slicer. This kit has everything you need to make sushi in just a couple of minutes. All products (sushi bazooka and accessories) are packed together in color box.

I found it easy and it wasn’t boring, the live meeting was great. I roll sushis like a boss now !!
Anthonio El Bargeman